Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Park's Not Melting, So Win a Stay

So! According to this marquee at the Alexis Park, if you follow 'em on Twitter and like 'em on Facebook, you could win a "staycation" at this all-suites non-gaming resort on Harmon, across from the Hard Rock. Couldn't hurt to try. In fact, if you want a closer look at the Alexis Park, you could check it out between rounds.

Sad News: Yesterday, the Silver Sevens decided to stop accepting the free buffet coupon they'd put in the Where2Go magazine. Sure, it said it was good until June 30, but it also said, as nearly all such coupons do, "Management reserves all rights," and they exercised this one. Maybe they got tired of the homeless-looking guy with the backpack full of Where2Go magazines eating there every day. Or me.

Happy, Happy News: Since the wi-fi at my apartments was down this morning, I decided to visit our old friends at Panera Bread and cash in on my free birthday pastry. Imagine my surprise when I found I had a free smoothie coming to me as well. Oh, and Lexi at the Boca Park location says hi.

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