Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Cheapest Free Buffet in Town?

Um. You might want to pick up the current issue of Vegas2Go (the one with the white cover) before they switch it out for the new one at the end of this week. I was leafing through my copy and, tucked away in the pages of little coupons towards the back, was a coupon from the Silver Sevens (Flamingo and Paradise) for a $10 credit at their Sterling Spoon cafe...or a free buffet. I had to look twice (or more) to check that you didn't need to earn any points, or that it wasn't a one-time offer for new card sign-ups. Nope. Show up at the buffet line, give them the coupon and your A-Play card and your ID, and they hand you a receipt for your free buffet. It's. Just. That. Simple. You can use one coupon per person...per day. And it doesn't expire until June 30.

You'd be surprised how many armloads of Vegas2Go one man can carry.

It's not the hugest buffet in town, or necessarily the most memorable in terms of having bold flavors assault your palate; the lunch buffet I checked out today leant more towards comfort food. But there's a carving station (turkey and ham when I dropped in for lunch), fried and baked chicken, and a well-rounded soup and salad bar (the chicken noodle soup today was dense with long, wide, thick noodles). Entrees included baked salmon with dill sauce, beef stroganoff, cowboy beef stew, stuffed bell peppers, and fried scallop skewers. Concessions to international tastes were tortellini, veggie spring rolls, and a taco bar. There's a tasty selection of cakes and pies and goodies in the dessert section, and instead of soft-serve a machine that dispenses chocolate and vanilla no-fat frozen yogurt, plus Mug Root Beer on tap so you can make your own floats.

Show up early; there will be a line.

Not to slight the $10 credit at the Sterling Spoon Cafe part of the offer, either! The cafe has a daily special for $8.95, they have lots of offerings for $9.99 and under through breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even the full rack of ribs still costs a mere $13.99. It's almost enough to make me finally stop missing Terrible's.

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