Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vegas Days Gone By: Past Their Expiration Date

Many years ago, on one of my many jaunts to Vegas, I saw a billboard advertising a "Gentleman's Club" called The Library and its "Gorgeous Librarians." Now as we all know I'm a huge fan of libraries so naturally this piqued my interest. I never managed to make it over to this off-strip club during its heyday, and was saddened beyond description when I passed its location on Boulder Highway and saw it had been closed for apparently some time now. I swear that only a few months ago two of the neon "GIRLS!" on the sign were still lighting up, but if so  one of them has since flickered out. I shall never know the answers to my burning questions: Did the showgirls really dress up as librarians? Were the walls of the club lined with bookshelves? For some reason I picture row after row of leather-bound volumes.

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