Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spinnin' at the Riviera

I dropped by the Riviera Saturday for my weekly try at their free slot tournament, and out front what did I spy but this lovely wheel available for a spin to anyone who happened by. You have a chance to win free Comedy Club tickets, two-for-one show tickets, free drinks, $5 in free slot play, or a drawing entry for a Riviera getaway. And just for waiting in line, you get a nice batch of coupons, including a free drink, two-for-one entrees at the Wicked Vicky Tavern, $10 match play, two-for-one Comedy Club tickets or $10 off on show tickets. The coupons are good all the way through Labor Day, too. Well worth your time, I'd say.

Oh, and the Saturday free tournament? I rang up 19,500 points, which for the second time was enough for me to slide into 10th place and win $75 in free slot play. This time I was able to run that up to $60.25 in cold, hard cash, about $10 better than last time. Even though I played the video poker machine at the opposite end of the row from last time, the ticket printer still jammed on me a couple of times. The tech who came to fix it told me the machines are a little old. That's all right, as long as I still get my sixty bucks out of them. For my faithful readers who are keeping score, that means I've won a total of over $300 from entering free slot tournaments in just the past few weeks, so playing these might just have turned out to be one of my better recommendations. Ya think?

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  1. free slot tournaments are a wonderful thing.