Friday, May 2, 2014

Learning to Crawl

Being no stranger to pub crawls, I was delighted to accept an invitation to attend Desert Companion magazine's second pub crawl, last night at Town Square. In all we toured four bars and restaurants, each of which served up a different concoction using the sponsor's tipple, Davolos Tequila. The efficient organizers shuffled our three groups off to English's (great hors d'ouerves), Double Helix (Grey Goose swizzle sticks!), Tommy Bahamas (that was one tasty beverage), and finally to Brio, where we arrived to find desserts laid out on the table (cookies and brownies), but surprised when that was followed by pie. Pizza pie. The staff started bringing us thin-crust pizzas and just wouldn't stop. Dear to my heart, the DC staff also held giveaways, with Town Square gift cards and restaurant gift certificates. I even won a $10 credit at English's for answering some movie trivia, to the surprise of no one who knows me. Were I you, I would certainly keep my eyes peeled for the next event from #DCPubCrawl.

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