Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting Dotty

If I ever need a light, it's comforting to know that I'm never very far from a Dotty's, where I can dash in and grab a handful of matchbooks at the bar while nobody's looking. I could also order a bite from the kitchen or grab a snack from one of the jars of snack crackers and nuts they put out for players. Dotty's has won over locals with its slot promotions, cheap cigarettes, and bar service, to the extent that even without counting the Hacienda takeover, the Valley has almost 70 of these little slot parlors...or taverns, as they'd no doubt prefer to call them. This is a bone of contention with the big casinos in town, which argue that Dotty's gets far too much of its revenue from gaming to be regulated as a tavern rather than a casino. Clark County commissioners recently held a hearing in light of rules changes they're considering that could drastically affect Dotty's business model...not to mention the scores of  video poker bars you find on nearly any corner throughout greater Vegas.

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