Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winning At Video Poker Made Easy

The Sunday is carrying a nice raft of coupons in its back pages, including match plays and other goodies to help you come out ahead at casinos around town. Of these, the most lucrative with the least risk are the coupons from the Gold Coast and The Orleans offering you $10 in slot play if you put $10 through one of their machines. While not quite the sure thing that free slot play is, it's nearly as good a deal. When I play Deuces Wild on one of their nickel video poker machines at 25 cents a hand, I might not make all of my money back when I play $10...but I'm almost certainly going to keep more than $10 if I play $20 through. How it works: You take your coupon up to the B-Connected desk, give them your ID and your player's card, and they make the Play $10 Get $10 active on your card. As soon as you've played $10 through your machine (I get out a pen and paper and keep track of exactly how many hands I've played at, say, 25-cents per, which means after 40 hands I'm done), remove your card, re-insert it, press the "Slot Play" button and you'll be able to download the $10 in free play to your machine. How well you do depends greatly on how much you manage to keep of your first $10. On one trip I only kept $6.25 of my ten bucks, so I only came out about $3 ahead at the Orleans...but I moved on the Gold Coast, used the same coupon, and came out $8 ahead, so I better than doubled my money for the trip. This week, at The Orleans, I actually managed to come out ahead on my $10 thanks to a straight flush with deuces, and so came out $9 ahead for the one session.

The Gold Coast and Orleans are also putting free entries into their video poker tournaments into The Sunday, and you'd be a fool to pass these up: While not nearly as sure a thing, they're a free chance at winning some money!

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