Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Off-Strip: The Orleans

The Orleans, at Tropicana and Arville, pays tribute to its namesake city far beyond the faux French Quarter facade. A quick look inside reveals three bars....the Mardi Gras Bar, the Alligator Bar, and the Crawfish Bar...all within easy walking distance of each other, and if that doesn't say Big Easy to you, I don't know what else will. Maybe the statues of jazz-playing gators greeting you at the entrance. Maybe the Mardi Gras pit, where my name was drawn as I sat playing blackjack, making me the King of Mardi Gras for the next hour. They gave me a crown and everything. And beads! Mustn't forget the beads. 
I also got to spin the wheel for a chance at fabulous prizes (I won two movie passes...yes they have a movie theater on the premises) and for the next hour every blackjack I was dealt would pay me two to one.

The Orleans is part of Boyd Gaming's B Connected player's card program, which has always been good to me. In fact they gave me two free nights there recently, which gave me a chance to observe how thoughtfully their hotel registration area is laid out. Notice the lounging area with lots of comfy chairs and sofas for the rest of your party to relax while you're standing in the registration line. Notice the many flat-screen TVs for you to watch while you're waiting in line. This speaks well for the level of consideration they're going to accord you as their guest. Southern hospitality, Vegas style? You right.

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