Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Off-Strip: The Sun Never Sets on the Sunset

I always knew the Station Casinos run a little on the large side...they usually incorporate a bowling alley, a movieplex, and a food court, after all...but I was unprepared for the news that Sunset Station, off of Boulder Highway and Sunset, sprawls over all of 98 acres. Wait...are you serious? Yep. Ninety-eight acres of serious fun. Of course everyone needs to visit Sunset Station if only to check out the gorgeous stained-glass ceilings of the Gaudi Bar. But beyond that, you have the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean grotto vibe of the Oyster Bar, just one of a set of dining options that includes Pasta Cucina, the Grand Cafe, the Feast Buffet, and that food court. If you have little ones along, there's a Kid's Quest and an arcade, or you could just drop them off at the movies for a couple of hours of course. Afterwards, the whole family could go bowling, eh? As a bonus, the Galleria is just across the street, for all of your let's-blow-all-these-winnings needs. I made a much-needed Panera Bread stop there myself after putting in the legwork for this story. Sunset Station is on the same Boarding Pass player's card program as the other Station Casinos (as is the Barley's Casino & Brewing Company across the street, and the Wildfire casinos around town, one of which is right in front of Sunset Station). The only question I still have is: Why is Sunset Road in an Eastern suburb of the city? Maybe that's where the sun goes down in Henderson.

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