Friday, February 7, 2014

Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turnin'

When I returned to Vegas late last year after many moons away, my big "What The Heck?" moment was catching sight of the big wheel going up near the Strip and Flamingo. The Skywheel, at 550 feet taller than the Big Eye in London, is anchoring The Linq, the new open-air shopping and dining (and wining) complex going up about where Bill's used to be. For an unobstructed view of it in all its glory, right now you can stop at Paradise and Winnick where we took this picture. (Because Vegas is all about the competition, someone's planning another, equally tall one at the South end of the Strip.) It just happened that our bus back from Laughlin was passing by the recent night that they were testing the Skywheel's  lights and its ever-so-slow revolution, so here ya go.

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