Saturday, January 18, 2014

Heading Back to Vegas & Free Rooms Update

We set out from Colorado towards Vegas today, making stops in Albuquerque and Rio Puerco to pick up free promotional chips and free play, and cash in some of our comps for free gas. Since I posted our itinerary, we've been offered two more free nights, from The Quad, so we've extended our trip another two days. Caesar's Entertainment Group, which owns The Quad, is pretty generous with the free nights once you're in their good graces; the only condition for accepting this offer from The Quad was that I hadn't stayed in one of their properties for free within the previous 48 hours. I've received a flyer from them offering three free nights at most of their hotels once a month in March, April and May, and that's in addition to the many special events they invite me to which always include two or three free nights and either a shopping spree or free casino play.

We were thinking of adding on an additional two nights in Laughlin, since we have two-nights-for-the-price-of one coupons from the American Casino Guide, but I found an ad from one of the tour bus operators offering free one-day excursions to Laughlin, including a free buffet and free show tickets, so that might suffice for this trip. We also got an invitation to a birthday party while we're in town; having friends who live in Vegas is a good thing. I also received an invitation to a media seminar at the Orleans from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and thought: why not? They might have some free goodies to scoop up.

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