Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Calories

One night before returning to my room at the Imperial Palace (now the Quad), I decided to take in a very late supper (or perhaps a very, very early breakfast) at Hash House A Go Go. I had a craving to try their chicken & waffles, but wasn't necessarily prepared for the double-decker monstrosity that arrived on my plate: two fried chicken breasts atop a stack of waffles with bacon cooked right into them. The prices here are certainly reasonable, considering you'll easily get enough to feed two people. If you find this doesn't quite hit the spot, you can always head downtown and join the line waiting to get into the Heart Attack Grill.

Another example of the Hash House A Go Go's cuisine: the pork tenderloin sandwich. No, that isn't a miniature bun, either. One source claims that his 400-pound brother couldn't finish this one; I don't know if that qualifies as the kind of friend-of-a-friend tale that the urban folklorists delight in tracking down. Maybe you can just track down this pork loin and verify the tale for yourself.

In addition to their restaurant inside the Quad, you can find Hash House A Go Go locations at the Plaza downtown (the opposite end of Fremont from the Heart Attack Grill; how convenient), the M Resort, and off-strip at 6800 W. Sahara.

(Thanks to Clay Jefferies for the culinary photography and for modeling the t-shirt.)

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