Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Taste of Havana

I've been hearing raves about the Florida Cafe Cuban Bar and Grill on N. Las Vegas Blvd. ever since a friend's relatives stayed at the attached Howard Johnson's while visiting Vegas and found themselves eating all their meals there. If you're on a budget, there's a wide variety of $5 selections, from the breakfast menu (an "American breakfast" with two eggs, hash browns and toast and bacon...or French toast...or pancakes) or the tapas menu (tamal maiz, pappas relleno, meatballs in guava bbq) or the dessert menu (ice cream!) or just pop in for a cup of coffee. Those with a real appetite can tackle the sandwiches and entrees. I tried the tamal maiz (a pork tamale with a side of fried pork rinds) and had a substantial slice of flan for dessert. What's really got me writing though is the framed display hung by my booth: A salute to the 1959-vintage casinos of Havana, just before the revolution, featuring actual chips from several of the casinos! Right up my alley. Our waitress led us to just that booth as if she knew me. Take a trip just north of the Strip and check it out.

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