Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Quick Look Around Caesar's Palace

When Jay Sarno built Caesars in 1966, it was the great-granddaddy of all the Strip's spectacular themed casinos, and through the years has remained obsessively true to that theme (at least until recently converting one tower to a Nobu Hotel).  Literally everywhere you turn are statues and decorations to remind you of the glory that was Rome.
The day after Christmas, these decorations at the valet entrance remind you who won.
Speaking of valet, I believe this statue is supposed to represent one of the Caesars valet attendants. I say that because he was captured moving at their actual speed.
Take a good, close look at some of those statues up front, and you'll see they're authentically aging and weathering. (As always, you can click on the picture for more detail.)
I believe this one represents Emperor Pointius the Helpful.
In an alcove, a nice little sculpture garden.
Inside the Sea Horse Bar.
An elegiac reminder of some of Caesars' own history: Joe Louis ended his days as a greeter at Caesars Palace. Now his statue is tucked away in a corner.
And with that I'll bid you "Ave and Atque." Hail, Jerry!

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