Friday, June 6, 2014

Still Standing

Vegas and its record for keeping historic landmarks around being what it is, there may not be that many structures still standing that were built 70 years ago (even though the oldest surviving structure built by Americans of European ancestry is still here), but off East Charleston and Maryland Parkway you can find the historic Huntridge Theater. And since the Las Vegas Centennial Commission recently awarded a cool million to a group hoping to buy and preserve it, its prospects look better than they have since the state filed a suit against the current owners.

In fact, we're full of happy news on the historic preservation front today. According to the Las Vegas Weekly, it looks like the beloved neon sign at Davy's Locker, farther down Maryland Parkway, may see the light of night again. And the Erotic Heritage Museum is set to re-open this very weekend, June 7, with new management and new exhibits! Again, the Las Vegas Weekly has all the details. Things are looking up for this town.

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