Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coming Even Sooner to a Las Vegas Boulevard Near You

So, the SLS began running these gorilla images on their new vertical electronic billboard. Not sure what the point is: that the SLS is the new 900-pound gorilla on the block? In any case, the SLS announced today (that's right, we bring you breaking news on My Vegas Tip Sheet) that they'll be opening on August 23, one week ahead of their originally scheduled Labor Day weekend premiere. In any case, when the SLS does debut on the site of our dear departed Sahara, it will probably be the last new major casino to open its doors in Vegas until the Resorts International people build something across the street, so I would definitely check it out were I you. Now, will it revitalize that whole northern end of the Strip, past the Riviera and Circus Circus? Will people start talking about the Strip extending all the way north to the Stratosphere, as my last teacher insisted it does not? Will it even draw some of the crowds away from the recently revitalized downtown, as at least one local fears? Time will tell.

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