Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Off-Strip: The Railroad Pass

The Railroad Pass first won me over when I discovered a flyer in town for a $25 room night. Located just this side of Boulder City and surrounded by stark but scenic mountain views, it's always an affordable stop for a last night on your trip to Vegas, especially if you'd like to get a slight head start on your trip back South or East. Inside, the casino has plenty of slots, $5 blackjack, and even a $1 minimum craps table. Heck, I couldn't resist stopping in and racking up a $4 win rolling the bones. Speaking of bargains, they also have a $1 hot dog special on the marquee.

Aside from its virtues as a casino hotel, the Railroad Pass also offers a small museum, the Heritage Room, with photos and memorabilia from the casino's history, as well as artifacts from the area's mining days and the construction of nearby Hoover Dam. Originally opened in 1931, it claims to the nation's oldest continuously-operated casino; photos along the walls document its original construction and several incarnations after subsequent renovations. The Vegas history buff in me can't resist.

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