Monday, April 21, 2014

To The Extreme!

Every now and then someone asks if I've ever watched that Extreme Couponing show on TLC, and every time I snarl back: "Amateurs! AMATEURS!" But seriously, Jennifer Freeman of Extreme Couponing All-Stars will be hosting a free Couponing Workshop at the Las Vegas Review-Journal on April 28. Get lots of tips, find out about some free software to help with your shopping & saving, and if that's not enough, last time I went the Review-Journal was offering a subscription deal: Order one subscription, and you can add on up to five Sunday paper subscriptions for $20 for 26 weeks. That's even cheaper than the dollar a copy I've been payin', not to mention what I'd save on gas and the wear and tear on my system from getting up at the crack of dawn every Sunday. When I attended my last one I didn't have my Vegas address yet so I couldn't subscribe, but the Review-Journal was selling bundles of that Sunday's paper for 3 for $3. While the event is free, you do need to order tickets online, and believe me, this one will fill up, so sign up now!

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