Saturday, April 5, 2014

Loose Shoes

Since I frequently drive by, this Discount Shoe Factory at 3519 S. Maryland Parkway caught my eye, especially as the sole was threatening to depart the mortal plane of my black dress shoes. Ladies, shoes here start at $3.99 (all sales final), all boots are $10.99 and all handbags are $15.98, so knock yourself out! Still not a good enough deal for you? Check out this ad in Quinceanara Magazine: Buy three pairs at $3.99 and get the fourth pair for $1.99! If you didn't just pass out, then feel free to knock yourself out some more. Guys...sorry, men's shoes are $15.98. Still, I bought myself a sweet pair of black Riko's for that price and was happy to get 'em. (There's another location at 1701 S. Rainbow.)

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