Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ride, Boldy Ride!

With El Sombrero gone, where are you going to go for quality Mexican food in a sketchy part of town? Fat Bar co-owner Darin Feinstein and VegasGoodBuys CEO Brett Talla come to the rescue with El Dorado Cantina, which will be having a Grand Opening celebration July 24 at 3015 S. Industrial Road, which is, as we all know, one of my favorite streets in the world. Feinstein describes the place as "upscale" and promises to source sustainably-raised products from U.S. farms that eschew antibiotics, pesticides and steroids. The menu will feature everything from street tacos to regional favorites like Yucatan conchinita pibil (pictured), while you can wet your whistle with your choice of everything from horchata and fresh juices to 100 brands of tequila. Meanwhile, entertainment nightly from live musicians and DJ's puts the cherry on the flan.

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